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Release Date:  USA 2017
Category | Genre: Adult
Developer: Team Nimbus
Platform: PC
Reviews: Unknown

Game Progress: 100%
Content Status: Active
Number of views: 4303
User Feedback: One comment
Save Editor: Not Found

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SaveGame Description

Step-by-step save files with various progress. Tested of version! Have a nice game!

Installation Guide

1. Download archive (Last Update: 21.05.24).
2. Extract files using 7-Zip (WinRar) ulillity program.
3. Backup your saves.
4. Copy the data to one of the following folders:
Path 1 - User\AppData\LocalLow\Team Nimbus\Cloud Meadow.
Path 2 - LocalLow\Team Nimbus\Cloud Meadow. *
5. Run Cloud Meadow!

* The paths may change depending on the version of the Operating system.

Download Save

Download Save

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Save-Editor Information

Save Editor

Bad News! There is no save-editor (or information about it) found for this game! Sorry!

On this page you can download save-file for popular Adult Game - "Cloud Meadow". We want to remind you, that all saves on our website are relevant only for PC-games. If you are using another gaming platform, then these saves will not work!

One thought on “Cloud Meadow

  1. Placed it in the correct folder, but there is no savegame to load when entering the game. Tried again, but still no savegame when I go in… You had one job

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