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Release Date:  USA August 23, 2012
Category | Genre: Action
Developer: FromSoftware
Platform: PC
Reviews: MostlyPositive

Game Progress: 100%
Content Status: Active
Number of views: 729
User Feedback: None
Save Editor: Exist

About Save-File

SaveGame Description

In NG++ the character has reached Princess Guinevere. The Great Bowl is not set.

To get the achievement Knight’s Honor you must forge the Great Overlord’s Sword from the Giant’s Blacksmith. (Gwyn’s soul and the weapon billet are there). Spawn right at the Giant’s Blacksmith.

Possible Achievements such as: Maiden’s Prayer, Pyromancer’s Ties, and Elder’s Wisdom. (All of these spells are collected in your inventory). It is necessary to obtain any miracle, pyromancy and magic in a non-purchased way (get as a reward from someone, find in any location).

It is also possible to obtain these achievements. Must be discarded from the inventory and pick up the appropriate weapon again.

Weapon of Heaven (Club of Heaven +10)
Weapon of Magic (Magic Falchion +10)
Weapon of Chaos (Short Sword of Chaos +5)
Rough Weapon (Rough Big Bow +5)
Powerful Weapon (Long Sword +15)
Lightning Weapon (Lightning Spear +5)
Weapon of Crystal (Halberd of Crystal +5)

Installation Guide

1. Download archive (Last Update: 26.05.24).
2. Extract files using 7-Zip (WinRar) ulillity program.
3. Backup your saves.
4. Copy the data to the following folder
Documents\NBGI\Dark Souls.
If you can't run a save, disable the steam cloud for this game. *
5. Run Dark Souls!

* The paths may change depending on the version of the Operating system.

Download Save

Download Save

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Save-Editor Information

Save Editor

You are lucky today! We have found one save-editor for this game! You can download it here!

On this page you can download save-file for popular Action Game - "Dark Souls". We want to remind you, that all saves on our website are relevant only for PC-games. If you are using another gaming platform, then these saves will not work!

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