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Release Date:  USA February 06, 2015
Category | Genre: Adventure
Developer: Failbetter Games
Platform: PC
Reviews: Positive

Game Progress: 100%
Content Status: Active
Number of views: 195
User Feedback: None
Save Editor: Not Found

About Save-File

SaveGame Description

The game is completed for 100% + huge money bonus! No cheats or trainers were used during the walkthrough! Author – NurudinNr.

Installation Guide

1. Download archive (Last Update: 28.05.24).
2. Extract files using 7-Zip (WinRar) ulillity program.
3. Backup your saves.
4. Copy the data to the following folder:
C:\Users\Your_Name\AppData\LocalLow\Failbetter Games\Sunless Sea\. *
5. Run Sunless Sea!

* The paths may change depending on the version of the Operating system.

Download Save

Download Save

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Save-Editor Information

Save Editor

Bad News! There is no save-editor (or information about it) found for this game! Sorry!

On this page you can download save-file for popular Adventure Game - "Sunless Sea". We want to remind you, that all saves on our website are relevant only for PC-games. If you are using another gaming platform, then these saves will not work!

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